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Organic 5 Seed Sprouting Blend - 10pk (200g)

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The classic power packed salad blend of organic alfalfa, organic lentil, organic mung bean, organic radish & organic broccoli. The perfect balance of flavor, texture, and nutrition. You really can't go wrong with this blend.

This bag contains 10 pre-portioned (20g) packets for sprouting in a 32oz mason jar. This will yield about 5.5 lbs of sprouts!

How to Sprout Your Seeds

Recommended Seeding: 20g per 32oz Jar (our packets are pre-measured to 20g) 

Initial Soak: 4-6 Hours  

Rinse Frequency: 2-3 Times Daily  

Days to Harvest: 5-7  

Prime Nutrients: Sulforaphane, Vitamin A, B-Complex, C, E, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium, Fiber, Chlorophyll, Protein, Zinc, Iron, Omega-3 

This blend is simple, low maintenance, and easily sprouts with just 2-3 daily rinses. Although broccoli’s pungent odor may not be as apparent when sprouted in a mix, be sure to rinse thoroughly with cold water to rid sprouts of metabolic wastes, carbon dioxide, and organic decay from germination. Alfalfa, broccoli, and radish all thrive and taste best when grown in the dark for about 4-5 days and then receive full light on about day 5-6. Harvesting by day 6-7 will develop a more pronounced radish flavor, whereas harvesting at 4-5 days will leave the radish not nearly as spicy and matured. 

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There are few things in life more gratifying than growing your own food. To harness the power of the tiniest of seeds, and witness the magic of its leap towards life. This sense of independence and self-reliance gained from being in control of your food source is immeasurable.

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