Bamboo Tray Microgreens Instructions

 Step 1: Remove the bamboo tray from the package and give it a rinse.  

 Step 2: Lay one hemp growing mat in the tray and saturate it with about 2/3 cup of fresh, clean cold water. Give it just a moment to soak in. If it’s not quite saturated, add a little more. If there’s excess water, pour it off. 

Step 3: Choose 1 seed packet and sprinkle evenly over the dampened mat using the entire contents of the packet. 

Step 4: Rinse out your included spray bottle, then fill with fresh, clean cold water. Spray the seeds until thoroughly moistened, about 25-30 spritzes. 

Step 5: Cover tray with plastic wrap to create a humidity dome. Then cover with a kitchen towel to keep dark. Keep at room temperature (66 - 74℉) to begin germination. 

Step 6: Spray seeds every twelve hours to keep moist for the first 3-4 days. By this time your seeds will have sprouted and started to root.  

Step 7: After day 3-4, when sprouts are about ½” - 1” tall, uncover your greens and expose them to indirect sunlight. 

Step 8: Continue to check your growing mat for dampness every twelve hours. Bottom watering is recommended from this point on and your mat should be kept moist at all times. Simply lift the corner of the mat and add a small amount of water to the tray. 

Step 9: Rotate your tray daily when you notice your greens starting to reach or lean towards the window. 

Step 10: Watch them grow! Your greens will be ready to harvest at 8 - 10 days. When ready, use scissors to trim the microgreens at the roots. 

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