How to Grow Your Pea Shoots

How to Grow Your Pea Shoots

Step 1: Soak 4oz of peas in cool water for 4 - 6 hours. Cover with a kitchen towel to keep dark.

Step 2: Drain the water and spread peas on the perforated tray insert. Cover with the humidity dome, and drape a kitchen towel over top to keep dark.

Step 3: Mist peas to keep them moist twice daily with the included spray bottle. 

Step 4: On about day 3, when roots begin to emerge from the bottom of the insert tray, fill the reservoir tray with enough cool water to reach the bottom of the insert tray. The roots should be submerged, but the peas should not. Misting with the spray bottle is no longer required at this point.

Step 5: Keep covered 1 - 2 more days until shoots are ½” - 1” tall. Then, remove the cover and expose to indirect sunlight.

Step 6: Check the water level in your reservoir tray to ensure it has not dried up. Rotate your tray twice daily as you notice your shoots leaning or reaching towards the window. 

Step 7: Harvest your shoots around day 7 - 8 when they reach about 4 inches tall and true leaves have begun to emerge. Simply snip them at their base with scissors and enjoy.